About us

Evon is a Software Consultancy based in India. We are a 275+ people company. We primarily service clients who want to either completely outsource a new idea or are looking to build an offshore team. Our .Net development team is made of 20+ members. Our .Net developers have executed 50+ projects in past 7 years.


Dedicated .Net


  • Cross Browser testing on all the browser's popular versions.
  • Complete customization
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Understand and respect the terms of Non Disclosure Agreement.
  • Follow good coding practices and write well documented/commented code.
  • Security of the user data while using the app always a top priority.
  • Strictly adhere to OWASP Top 10 security considerations, while building .Net modules.
  • Expertise in Web Application, Mobile Application & Desktop Application development.
  • Experts in design of Architectural patterns.
  • Use of tools for bug tracking and SVN/GIT/Visual SourceSafe for source control.
  • Experience in Scrum Development Process.

Quality Code, Scalable, Agile

are the words that

define our .Net service.

Our developers have switched from "style" to "standard". This implies the additional depth in modern coding standards that they address. Our .Net developers take special care on how modules are linked, how error handling is performed, how classes are constructed and even how user interface elements are utilized.
Our developers are smart, and even smarter under pressure of deadlines. They follow practices of using code analysis tools and peer reviews, to give the best quality code. The only thing that lingers on their mind, when they write applications for you is: Performance and Security. The quality of code is never compromised at Evon.
The scalability of code is another important aspect that our .Net developers take care of. They have experience in implementing concepts like Eventual Consistency, Decentralization  of data, Mitigation of Bottlenecks by Running in Parallel. Hence, when our developers create your .Net application, they make sure that the application is ready to handle traffic from day one and can be moved to a cluster or cloud, as and when required.
We are agile when the platform is. Open Collaboration, Adaptability and Iterative Development are the words that our developers uttered, when they were born. They completely understand that in today's world, the requirements evolve as the project progresses. Practices such as Test Driven Development, use of View Components, Simple Deployment make us keep you assured of reducing your overall risks in the project.

.Net Custom Solutions

  • .Net Integration services.
  • Expertise in Presentation Technologies, viz. Asp.Net, Asp.Net Ajax, SilverLight, WPF (XAML) and Office UI.
  • Expertise in Middle Tier technologies like Asp.Net Web Services, .Net Remoting, WCF. The applications are always implemented using SOA approach.
  • We have also worked on a number of database servers like SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL, for our .Net projects.
  • Expertise in adding multi-language support.
  • Reporting and BI: We have experience of working on reporting frameworks like SQL Server Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, Active Reports and more.
  • Hosting on cloud infrastructure.

Our Expertise

  • Expertise in XML / XSD / XSLT
  • DB migration services SQL 2000 / 2005 / 2008
  • Top notch skills in JQuery and Silverlight
  • Make sure UI complies to W3C standards.
  • Cross Browser testing services.
  • Multiple modules in HTML5 canvas API, Video API, WebSockets and Client Side data management.
  • Good mastery of CodeSmith tool, Nevron, Infragistics, Dundas, DevExpress and Telerik RAD controls.
  • UI compatible with Tablet, SmartPhones and Desktop.
  • Business Objects and ORM Frameworks: We have experience working with CSLA, nHibernate, ORM.Net and LLBLGen Pro.

We customize

  • Our expertise in DotNetNuke helps us in developing/customizing a CMS based portal for you.
  • Our team has executed projects in ASP.Net Store Front to give you a complete e-Commerce website.
  • MS Office SharePoint Server:From installation to customization, we have integrated MOSS with diverse enterprise systems, to provide an unified enterprise portal.
  • Our expertise in ASP.NET MVC helps create high quality web portal.
  • Our expertise in Windows Mobile development helps us create new mobile applications for Nokia and other devices.
  • Game development for Mobile and XBox is done using XNA at Evon.

Where we have DONE it

Partial .Net Portfolio


Client Testimonials

"This was a big and complex project. Evontech worked closely with us, and was responsive when we hit complications. We hope to use Evontech again for other projects in the future."
AJ Miceli, VP Marketing,
FishUSA Inc.

"We feel the team did an outstanding job and would like to thank everyone involved for an outstanding job. We are grateful for the relationships that we have made and thankful for all the hard work and effort that all have put into this project.Please note, that we are considering several other projects and if they are approved we will reach out to the team to help with these. Thank you so much and from all of us here at Money Click, we wish you a happy and peaceful 2012 and beyond."
Robert Silverstone, CEO

" Evontech did a great Job on our projects. Communication is excellent, I never felt lost about the actual status of the project. We already have worked several times and will definitely work with Evontech again!Excellent Work!!! We are a very happy customer of Evon Technologies."
Paul Murray, CIO,

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How we do it

You manage

High Involvement

You are already an Expert and just want help with development.

Our role

  • Help you select team from our company through test/interviews.
  • Train the team in your architecture/technology to get them started quickly.
  • Manage their work logs for you.
  • Replace team in case of any issues.

Your role

  • Assign daily/weekly tasks to the developer.
  • Review his work (quality and code).
  • Train the developer in your preferred project management tools.
  • Communicate regularly with the developer.

In this model, we first take approval of billing hours from you and then generate the invoice accordingly.

We manage for you

Low Involvement

You want to outsource an idea or a requirement:

Our role

  • Provide complete project/module plan before we start.
  • Provide you with Bug Tracking System, Task Management Tool, Code Repository.
  • Set up team of Architects, Designers, Developers and QA Engineers.
  • Design all User Interface assets.
  • Maintain high quality, well documented code through review process.
  • Architect the complete solution.
  • Responsible for complete application security and Intellectual Property rights protection.
  • Functional testing.
  • Help you perform integrated testing.
  • Send daily status update

Your role

  • Perform integrated tests.
  • Approve designs, architecture.
  • Attend or conduct weekly status meetings.
  • Approve/Disapprove the weekly release.
  • Provide us with dev/test servers and the licenses.

Hence in pure offshore model, you are the Visionary and we are your Tech team.

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