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Software Development with DevOps Consulting Company

Evon is a DevOps Consulting Company that diligently works towards delivering software development at its best. From the interdependent phases of a process model to collaborative working of development and operations teams, and from that to integrating security into the process, we have come a long way from the traditional ways of delivering software to DevOps and now, DevSecOps (Development, Security, and Operations).

Devsecops development lifecycle

Our DevSecOps Consulting Services in India

  New Microservice Development

We create Microservices applications for all - from small to large-scale businesses. With evolving technology, there has been a shift from monolith application to microservices architecture. This includes several independent microservices that are data-driven and work on business logic, helping our clients realize their business goals.

  Cloud Migrations Solutions

Cloud solutions are important for a business, and Evon commits to providing cloud migration services with minimal disruption. If you have an outdated and inefficient system or an ensemble that is cost prohibitive with minimized security, we help you create a more resilient business architecture with the cloud.

  Containers as a Service (CaaS)

Containerization technology is advantageous for software infrastructure. It allows us to create and deploy applications faster and more securely, and they run across different platforms. We use this cloud-based service to bring to your business the reassurance of portability, agility, speed, efficiency, and security for all software development.

  Serverless Application Development

We can develop serverless applications for you that scale up and down as necessary without the hassle of managing servers. You can manage operating and file systems, capacity management, scaling, load balancing, logging, monitoring, and more with this cloud-native serverless architecture that offers simple structure, scalability, and functionality to your business operations.

  Hybrid Application Development

As one of the best DevOps Consulting Companies, we offer both native and web solutions to our clients where the code is written in HTML, Java, or CSS and the application is run from within a native application using open-source frameworks. The applications developed using this approach are compatible across various platforms and are cost-effective.

  Knative Application Development

We use Knative to build, run, and manage serverless and event-driven applications through simple abstractions, autoscaling, progressive rollouts, event integrations, and more. We use Knative’s features like autoscaling, scale-to-zero, eventing framework, and in-cluster builds to develop cloud-native applications on Kubernetes.

  API Gateways Integrations

With API gateways, we can connect the front-end applications with the list of backend services to manage operations involved in API services like authentication, lifecycle management, usage, and security. This will help your business improve governance through a comprehensive catalog of services, enhance security, and monitor the usage of APIs and their monetization.

  Developer Portal & API Monetization

We can integrate the API monetization feature with your developer portal which opens the door for new business opportunities. We can help you modernize your existing systems with a revenue-generating API monetization model that could be either pay-as-you-go, a monthly/annual plan, or any kind of pricing approach that works for your business.

  Private Cloud Setup

Private Cloud systems provide you with the benefits of cloud computing while ensuring that the service provider has maximum security and control over the on-premises IT infrastructure. It gives businesses the flexibility to work in a public cloud or hybrid cloud (private and public), depending on the size of your organization, the industry, and the kind of data your organization works around.

  Hybrid Cloud Setup

A hybrid cloud system offers the flexibility to run your applications in a combination of different environments giving you more benefits like enhanced performance, minimized latency, effective application governance, and improved ROI. A hybrid cloud approach will not only allow you to continue using your on-premises servers but will also let you use the benefits of the public cloud setup.

Why Choose Evon?

Developing plans and software is our strong suit for a DevOps Consulting Company and we believe in outdoing what we have done in the past and bettering ourselves with every new project. With DevSecOps coming into the limelight, our development team no longer considers security as a single task that is taken care of by a separate team right before the release of an application. But, we administer security at every step of the development cycle so that our team can ensure that there are no bugs, errors, or security holes that could have become a major fault in the application.

Why Evon for DevSecOps Consulting in India

As one of the top DevOps consulting companies in India, we specialize in the deployment of applications and services faster and more efficiently. Our team embraces the approach of DevSecOps, and administers security at every step of the development cycle, thus minding bugs and errors before they become problems. With automation reducing the chances of error and security integrated as a shared responsibility throughout the entire IT lifecycle, our software development company is completely in sync with the evolving business landscape. Contact us to know more.

Why choose devsecops deployment methodology


What are the key concepts of DevSecOps?  
DevSecOps focuses on integrating security into the entire IT lifecycle, covering development, security, and operations. It adopts a culture, platform, and automation approach that emphasizes security as a shared responsibility. By doing so, DevSecOps enables continuous delivery of secure and reliable software products and services.
What are the types of DevSecOps consulting services you offer?  
Our DevSecOps Consulting Services include -
  1. Microservices application development
  2. Cloud Migration Solutions
  3. Containerization technology
  4. Serverless Application Development
  5. Hybrid Application Development
  6. Knative Application Development
  7. API Gateways Integrations
  8. Developer Portal & API Monetization
  9. Private Cloud Setup
  10. Hybrid Cloud Setup
Why is DevSecOps Automation Important for Your Business?  
DevSecOps automation and its integration into your business ensures to improve your software development processes. It is advanced and automated which involves fewer errors and brings security earlier into the process making it a basic component of the entire application development lifecycle. This valuable model increases speed and agility keeping the customers satisfied and happy. In addition, automation eliminates manual efforts decreasing the number of errors and freeing up employees to attend to more productive and innovative tasks. It also improves conversations and collaboration among team members.
What is your billing model?  
Our company’s billing rates are significantly lower than the industry norm. Check out our engagement models here. Due to our well-established location in a tier-two city in India, we can guarantee the best price.
How can I contact your team to discuss my project requirements?  

Please reach out to us through Skype, phone, or email. One of our representatives will get in touch with you promptly to discuss your requirements. The team will discuss the project with you and provide you with free quotations and estimates.

Phone: +44 203 372 4609, +1 408 454 6110, +91 8266041801

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Our Team

We are a group of technology experts committed to designing, developing and delivering solutions for our clients, since the year 2006. Our team of 425+ stays ahead of the ever-evolving technology landscape it works in. Thus, we keep honing and expanding our expertise in order to cater to both startups as well as established enterprises. Know more about us here.


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  •   ISO 27001 : 2013
  •   ISO 9001 : 2015

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